Professional Presentations


Photo credit: Lena Delgado de Torres


“Gender and Religion”   (November 2013)   Ramapo College of New Jersey.   Panelist at follow-up conference to “Healthy Masculinities.”

“Daggerin: Politics of the Erotic in Jamaican Dancehall”  (September 2013)  College of Charleston’s Avery Research Center for African American Culture.  Presenter at conference entitled “Unleashing the Black Erotic: Gender and Sexuality – Passion, Power and Praxis.”

“Healthy Masculinities”   (April 2013)   Ramapo College of New Jersey.  Panelist at conference on masculinity and gender socialization on Ramapo’s campus and the wider society.

“Motherhood in Gerima’s Bush Mama” (March 2012) Left Forum, Pace University, NY.  Presenter and panelist with colleagues: Dr. Karen Gagne, Moussa Kane, Yusuf Bunchy Shakur and Shaka Senghor.  Panel entitled “From the Prison Cell to the Classroom – No Humans Involved Revisited.”

“Egun in Disguise: the Jamaican Nine Night Ceremony” (October 2011) James Madison University.  Presenter at “3rd Annual Africana Studies Interdisciplinary Conference: Folk Culture: Morphing the World’s Cultural Face.”

“Nationalism, Power and Politics in Dancehall Dress” (September 2011) Mansfield College, Oxford University, UK.  Accepted for “3rd Global Conference on Fashion: Exploring Critical Issues.”

“Art as Life in Jamaican Dancehall” (May 2011) UCLA, California.  Accepted for “Sonic Doom: Decay, Disease and Destruction in Music: the 5th Annual Conference of Echo, a Music-centered Journal.”

“The Mitigation of Violence in Jamaica through Dancehall Culture” (April 2011) Ohio State University, Columbus.  Accepted for “Violence and Representation in Africa and the African Diaspora, 17th Annual Conference of the International Society of African Philosophy and Studies (ISAPS).”

“Marked Bowls, Cross Symbols, and Petit-Maroons” (April 2008) College of Charleston, South Carolina (CLAW Program).  Presenter at “Ending the International Slave Trade: A Bicentennial Inquiry.”

“The Aponte Rebellion of 1812: Reformulating Nationalism and Citizenship in the African Diaspora” (June 2002) Association of Black Anthropologists Annual Conference, Panama City, Panama.  Presenter at “Dialogues on the Diaspora: Blackness in a Globalized World.”

“The Mad Mulata: Abolition, Miscegenation and Nationalism in 19th Century Cuba” (May 2002) Binghamton University, NY.  Presenter at “Coloniality Working Group Annual Conference.”

“Towards a Reformulation of Nationalism in the African Diaspora: The Aponte Rebellion of 1812” (May 2001) Binghamton University, NY.  Presenter at “Coloniality Working Group Colloquium.”